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How to Write, Market & Sell Children’s B

Are you an aspiring children’s book author eager to see your stories in print? Discover the ultimate guide that takes you from idea to successful publication. “How to Write, Market and Sell Children’s Books” is your comprehensive companion through every stage of the publishing journey. Packed with 460 pages of invaluable insights accumulated over 24 years in the industry, this book leaves no stone unturned.

The First Unicorn wins its First (of man...

The First Unicorn wins the Literary Titan Book Award

“Your book deserves extraordinary praise!” I am super happy to announce that my latest book, “The First Unicorn” has won its first book award! While I am not surprised, as I feel this story has so much inspiration and guidance to give, I am humbled to know that it was chosen to receive an award. […]

The Decorative Box – Funny Story

Once upon a time there was an ultra-fancy, intricately designed, decorative box. It shined on the store shelf and screamed at me those taunting words “come buy me!” So gladly, I did. I brought it home and I was so proud of it. I then looked around at my house and paused. Where will I put this beautifully designed box? On a side table? On a shelf? In my closet?

The 3 C’s of Life – another poem

Choices – Chances – Changes If you make a choice to take a chance, to change your life for good, Will the chance you chose to take, turn out to be the one you should? And how do you know which chance to choose, if change is so uncertain, Cause the change you chose to […]

Grand-daddy may I ask you… a poem

Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the sky so high? Because the birds, with feathered wings, need places they can fly. Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the sky so blue? Because my boy, it’s one of those things, that yellow would not do. Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the grass […]

Your imagination may resolve a fight but...

That is what my horoscope said the other day. It didn’t necessarily correspond to the situations of that day, but it is SO me! When I was younger, whenever someone upset me, whenever my mom told me to do something I didn’t want to do, whenever things weren’t going right; instead of saying something aloud […]

The Night the Fog Rolled in – a short st

With Halloween among us and a recent discovery made, I decided to share this short story with my followers.  I wrote this story for a creative writing class in High School in 1992. My mom helped me edit it and I didn’t change a thing. I hope you all enjoy reading it.  If you enjoy […]

The case of the missing sock

Last night my husband asked if I was missing a sock – as he had found one on the floor.  That brought a very interesting question to my mind:  Is everybody missing a sock? Even when you find a sock, you are missing a sock. Follow me here:  A found sock does not mean it […]

Left Brain or Right Brain – Which One Ar

Left Brain: Decisive Logical Accurate Analytical Reason Practical Strategic Control Scientific Realistic Right Brain: Intuition Love Poetry Freedom Passionate Vivid Creative Yearning Peace Artistic Cute picture right? Funny. Eye Opening.  I definitely think they left out quite a few words for either side but they couldn’t list them all – it would be too busy […]

Scorpions in the Bed and Pink Dolphins –

First let me apologize for not writing something sooner – I have been so busy!  Between back to back school readings and library visits, to sales for Dandy Lion and then that pesky running my own website and graphic design business as well as getting the latest Hamilton Troll book featuring Elwood Woodpecker published and […]