Great discoveries and improvements invariable involve the cooperation of many minds.  I may be given credit for having blazed the trail but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself. – Alexander Graham Bell


I feel the same way!  I work very hard on the Hamilton Troll books. Look at the (short) list of what I do just for Hamilton Troll in the blog post “Enthusiasm…” When I am not running my website business I am writing, marketing and researching constantly. I put every spare minute into what I do, what I create… my success will be because of all of the hard work I have put in.  But the credit – that goes to my illustrators.

leighWhen I wrote the first Hamilton Troll poem in 1992 that’s all it was – a poem.  I never even dreamed it would become a children’s book, or a series.  It was Leigh Klug who put that adorable face of Hamilton Troll in front of me. It was she who inspired this entire enterprise.  Yes I saw the potential. Yes, I wrote the stories. Yes I put it together, published it, marketed it, etc. But without her, there would be no Hamilton Troll!  There would be no face to adore, no characters to fall in love with…

And Carol Bryant – without her, there would be no world for Hamilton and his friends to explore.  Carol is the one who has made each additional book a reality.  carol-bryantThere is no way I could have created the rest of the books with computer graphics – I just didn’t have the time or talent.  My talents lie in the computer keyboard and mouse, definitely not on the end of a pencil, pen or paintbrush.

It is the illustrations from the two of them that has allowed me to create such a colorfully intricate website, such enthralling flyers, such eye-catching ads. So in the words of Alexander Graham Bell; I may have ‘blazed the trail’ in regards to the Hamilton Troll series, but ‘the credit is due’ to my talented team of illustrators, ‘rather than myself’.

Thank you ladies for continuing to believe in this series
and providing these amazing designs!