Inexplicably, children tend to be enamored with unicorns. Whether it’s the beauty, the enchantment, the purity or the fantasy; the allure of the unicorn starts young and grips a child’s imagination for decades to come.

Recalling my youth, I wonder what originally drew me to them? Unicorn movies and television shows were rare. Toys and collectibles were not at all as prevalent as they are today. It wasn’t until She-Ra’s horse transformed into Swiftwind, a flying unicorn, in 1982 and I read Morgan Mine by Stephen Cosgrove around that same time, that my infatuation for unicorns flourished.

It was late 1988 when the VHS of The Last Unicorn movie arrived at my local Blockbuster Video. I was eleven by then, and had already amassed a rather large porcelain statue collection. I had stickers, notebooks, and my favorite pink t-shirt showcasing a beautiful unicorn.  

I gravitated to The Last Unicorn movie like a moth to a flame. I watched it over and over again, even though there was plenty about it I did not like. Yet, as much as I loved unicorns, the movie didn’t cultivate that love, it only appeased it. Most importantly though, it left a lingering question that remained unanswered from my childhood; if she was the last unicorn… who was the first?

Kathleen as a child with unicorn t-shirt, necklace and figurines

If she was the last unicorn… who was the first?

The First Unicorn’s story is NOT AT ALL like the last. It is about goodness, kindness, and love. It consists of honesty, purity and miracles. The horn is a gift from God. The rarity of the creature is an important message; symbolic, for a misguided world where magic is often confused for miracles and a horn represents an evil in disguise that needs to be muted.

Many of the unicorns portrayed in current culture are NOT the unicorns they once were. If your unicorn isn’t beautiful, flawless, and pure… if your unicorn lies, does practical jokes and farts rainbows, you are not dealing with a real unicorn, it is fake! It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to distort the beauty of one of God’s creatures.  Just like the rainbow represents God’s promise after the great flood of Noah, a unicorn represents Jesus’ love and parallels his life in a way that hopefully, encourages children to seek Him and His guidance.  

Maybe that is why I, and so many other children, are mesmerized by unicorns.

*Unicorns have been represented in books, paintings, tapestries and carvings as far back as 3300 BC (that is over 5300 years!)
Their shapes and descriptions vary, but their lore remains.

So, with that being said, let me tell you about The First Unicorn.

Almost everyone knows what a unicorn is, but do you know where they came from? Who was the first unicorn? How did he get his golden horn? And why did others follow in his footsteps?

Aden is a young, energetic and giving horse. One evening, he is visited by an angel who bestows a gift of gold upon his forehead. “You cannot see or spend it. It’s for others to behold.” Yet, when he returns home that evening, the herd sees the horn as a weapon and chases him away. Sad but not deterred, Aden continues his life, offering a helping hand and caring for others. When his mother is injured, he discovers his horn can perform miracles. It was that first miracle that softened the hearts of the others and inspired them to follow in his hoof-prints and lead a God-filled life as well.

This story is about love, acceptance, kindness and giving. It is the story of the First Unicorn and how God’s latest creation would succeed at creating greatness.

“Anything is possible if love is what you choose. Miracles can happen if you share the good news.”

Illustrations from the First Unicorn children's book by Kathleen J. Shields

The First Unicorn Children’s Book

Full Extended Length Story in hardback or paperback
Shorter Bedtime Story
Coloring Book with Extended Story

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Some of the many unicorn figurines, pictures and items I had as a child.