me reading to san marcos mendezSo an absolutely amazing letter came in the mail today.  I did a reading at an elementary school in San Marcos last week and was again able to share my writing enthusiasm with the children.  The smiles on their faces, hands in the air for participation, the exorbitant number of them who actually liked to write… it was a magnificent day to say the least.

But then today, a thank you letter came from the librarian. She thanked me for coming, shared some responses from the children and encouraged me to come back. There was even a picture of my reading to the children. Now that by itself is a cherished gift… but also enclosed was 15 hand-written thank you postcards by some of the students.  Some were in English. Some were in Spanish. Some even had little drawings on them of my reading to the kids.

What a Treasure!!!

So… I just had to share them with you!


postcard15 postcard14 postcard13 postcard7 postcard11 postcard10 postcard9 postcard8   postcard5 postcard4 postcard3 postcard2 postcard1 postcard12 postcard6

letter san marcosThis is one of the most rewarding “jobs” a person can have.  Do what you love. Share it with others.

And receive the cutest thank you cards for doing it.

Thank You Mendez Elementary!