Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the sky so high?
Because the birds, with feathered wings, need places they can fly.

Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the sky so blue?
Because my boy, it’s one of those things, that yellow would not do.

Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the grass so green?
Because green is how God made it, and it’s what I’ve always seen.

You see when I asked Grand-dad things, he always had an answer.
And I always felt I understood, the world a bit more after.

For whether it was cats in trees, or beetles on the ground
His answers were the perfect bits, of information ever found.

So now that I am older, and I see a sky so blue,
I know it’s for the birds with wings, and wonder how he knew.

How did he know about the grass, and rainbows in the sky?
How did he know the answer, every time I questioned why.

When cats climb trees why do they fear, returning to the ground?
Because dear looking up, is very different than looking down.

Why do raccoons come out at night, when the world is at its darkest?
Because someone needs to see the world, different than all the rest

Why do horses gallop, when all we do is run?
Why separate the little things, when either way it’s fun?

Why are flowers different, the colors, shape and scent?
Because God is so creative, and more was his intent.

So as I find a question, bubbling up within my mind,
I try to think like grand-dad, and find his answer for my why.

Grand-daddy why’s your hair so gray and why do lightning bugs glow,
Because the older that you get, my dear, the brighter you will show.

Fore life’s an education, so be sure that you have heard,
Every word of every question that your grand-dad ever answered.

~ Kathleen J. Shields 2013