Choices – Chances – Changes


If you make a choice to take a chance, to change your life for good,
Will the chance you chose to take, turn out to be the one you should?

And how do you know which chance to choose, if change is so uncertain,
Cause the change you chose to see about, might change behind the curtain.

Well this I know and I choose to share, this chance that it may change
Your indecisive dialog, of chance or choice exchange.

Take every chance that life throws out, if the change is what you’re wanting
But avoid the change that you don’t want, even if it starts its taunting.

Cause you need the chance to choose the best, of changes that are out there.
You see, chances are the changes come, with cautions to beware.

So whether you choose to take the chance, is simply up to you
But your life will never change, unless you take the chance and choose.

~ Kathleen 2013