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I am award-winning author, Kathleen J. Shields and I absolutely LOVE what I do! Obviously I enjoy writing and talking about my books, visiting schools and meeting my readers but I also love inspiring the imagination.

My Brand Imagination is Key is my way of encouraging children to use their imagination in every task they do. Whether it’s reading, writing, homework or in class, I want to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and creativity whenever I can.

Children have an innate ability to imagine the impossible – that is what I love about them. They believe in unicorns, ghosts, dragons and magic. They want to believe, and that’s what lets their imaginations run wild. This is why I write for children. I never tire of finding ways to be creative.  I enjoy learning new things, teaching myself new programs, researching story ideas and facts for those stories and writing about everything I can dream of. Being self-taught, I do it all on my own; and I LOVE every minute of it!

The KEY to a good story is


You must be able to visualize your new world,

have in-depth conversations with your characters

and feel the emotions billowing up.



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Kathleen J Shields author

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