So, I just recently found out that unicorns were mentioned in the bible… King James Version – there was the strength of the unicorn, the horn of a unicorn, skip… like a young unicorn… did they once exist?

The dinosaurs once existed, but don’t anymore. The Dodo bird once existed… did they get hunted or did they evolve into something else?

The Last Unicorn…

One of my favorite stories growing up (and especially the movie) was the Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle.  In that story the great bull chased the unicorns into the sea where they stayed…Has anyone ever seen the Narwhal – a medium sized “whale” with a long spiral tusk (horn) on the tip of its head?

Unicorns are Narwhals?

This reminded me of the theory that dolphins evolved from terrestrial mammals (like wolves) 50 million years ago. Their supporting evidence: pelvic bones – dolphins don’t have legs or even hind fins, why need pelvic bones? Hind limbs can even be seen starting in the embryos of dolphins…

So Narwhals could have evolved from unicorns – as they are already called the unicorns of the sea.

Now what about the magic? Many believe that the horn of a unicorn is magical.  Did it heal or hurt? Personally I go with heal but it could have impaled a person quite easily. Maybe it was two-fold; an accidental encounter caused enough grief in the heart of the unicorn to find the magic within its soul to save the life of the creature it impaled.

Why not, right? Just because they are not around now doesn’t mean they never were.  Besides, I’ve always gone with the idea that only the pure of heart would ever see a unicorn and since they are so rare these days, living in the most secluded parts of the world, even the pure of heart would not be able to find them.  Or… maybe they live in plain sight with a hidden horn.  I’ve seen some beautiful horses with the most intricate designs smack dab in the middle of their forehead.

Either way, in my little reality – I’m gong with fact – Unicorns DID exist!