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Butter your palms

Ever since we started creating this cookbook for children, I’ve been scouring recipe websites to gain inspiration and insight. I’m not taking recipes, that would be plagiarism, I’m trying to learn what I can because I’m normally not allowed in the kitchen. When Carol wanted to do popcorn balls, I started researching what we were […]

Rudy Rat’s wRap

Rudy Rat's wRap Award Winning Author Kathleen J Shields educational books

Watch The Video Now! I am very excited to announce the release of the official Hamilton Troll Cookbook promotional video: Rudy Rat’s wRap! This fun rap song was written by award-winning author, Kathleen J. Shields, for illustrator Carol W. Bryant’s pizza wrap recipe. We hired Zach Swagger to perform the rap song and spent a […]

Pineapples don’t grow in the ground?

The other day I saw a picture of a pineapple plant and was actually taken aback at the fact that a very large heavy pineapple grows on the top of this plant. For some reason I always thought that pineapples grew in the ground like potatoes or carrots or maybe on top of the ground […]

Sherbet vs sorbet

Color me confused when Carol was going over my Troll Punch recipe and had me change the ingredient of lime sorbet to lime sherbet. I had ALWAYS thought that sorbet was the French way of saying the spelled word sherbet (pronounced sure-Bert – like I say to my husband ALL of the time). I figured […]

How to Grow Spaghetti

No – I’m not talking about growing Spaghetti Squash – you read it right – I’m talking about spaghetti, those long thin strands of noodles we love to put tomato sauce and meatballs on. It’s quite easy actually. You start with a nice clay pot, fill it with soil and place the breakings of some […]

I Carrot Tell A Lie

  So the few who have heard this story have stared at me dumbfoundedly, shook their heads and then began laughing histerically. I realize now the error in my ways but what can I say? If it doesn’t work on a computer it’s not really my cup of carrot juice. My Carrot Experiment Carol, the […]

Cooking Bloopers

Award Winning Author Kathleen J Shields educational books hamilton troll

Howdy ya’ll, I wanted to let you know that I’ve added a new category called “Recipe Bloopers” Throughout the coming year the girls and I will be working on the long awaited Hamilton Troll Cookbook. The brain behind this book is the super amazing Carol W. Bryant and I bring this up because my friends […]