Okay that statement is so true it’s hilarious! Can you imagine not being able to dodge an elephant? I mean they are big, yes.  They can move, yes. But I’ve never seen an elephant land in my soup!

Yet let’s analyze that just a wee bit deeper, shall we? It’s the little things that worry us… is my son behaving in school? Not – will he graduate. I hope I can get some overtime this week, not – that you have a job to go to. That drip is keeping me up at night, not at least I have water.

And what of the superfluous stuff? That item has so many calories… versus, you only live once. If I’m going to eat something I’d chose a piece of fruit over a cookie, but both have sugar. Do I need to exercise afterwards? And oh I didn’t do my ten minutes on the treadmill this morning even though I did run back and forth to the copier about two dozen times this afternoon carrying stacks of paper but that doesn’t count as exercise.

elephant in roomYou can say it’s priorities or having control or setting limitations but if you find yourself pulling your hair out because you missed the light, take a look out the window at the person who is walking in 100 degree heat and be thankful your car has AC.  If you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day, take a few things off your list or ask for help.

The point is, grab a fly swatter and begin swinging because the elephant in the room is not going to help.

It is the little bits of things that fret and worry us;
we can dodge an elephant, but we can not dodge a fly
. – Josh Billings