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The First Unicorn wins its First (of man...

The First Unicorn wins the Literary Titan Book Award

“Your book deserves extraordinary praise!” I am super happy to announce that my latest book, “The First Unicorn” has won its first book award! While I am not surprised, as I feel this story has so much inspiration and guidance to give, I am humbled to know that it was chosen to receive an award. […]

The Decorative Box – Funny Story

Once upon a time there was an ultra-fancy, intricately designed, decorative box. It shined on the store shelf and screamed at me those taunting words “come buy me!” So gladly, I did. I brought it home and I was so proud of it. I then looked around at my house and paused. Where will I put this beautifully designed box? On a side table? On a shelf? In my closet?

Why did I write The First Unicorn

Almost everyone knows what a unicorn is, but do you know where they came from? Who was the first unicorn? How did he get his golden horn? And why did others follow in his footsteps? Aden is an energetic young horse, who believes that giving of his time and gifts is the best way to share hope in the world. One evening, he is visited by an angel who bestows a gift of gold upon his forehead, “You cannot see or spend it. It’s for others to behold.” However, when he returns home that evening, the herd sees the horn as a weapon and chases him away. Sad but not deterred, Aden continues to offer a helping hand and care for others with his horn. However, when his mother is injured, he discovers his horn can perform miracles. It was that first miracle that softened the hearts of the others and inspired them to follow in his hoof-prints and lead a God-filled life as well. This story is about love, acceptance, kindness and giving. It is the story of the First Unicorn and how God’s creation would succeed at greatness. “Anything is possible if love is what you choose. Miracles can happen if you share the good news.”

I love unicorns. I have loved unicorns since I was a very young child. I collected porcelain unicorn statues, unicorn posters and absolutely fell in love with the movie “The Last Unicorn”. I was drawn to anything about unicorns because they were beautiful, magical and good. They represented innocence, love and strength… like Jesus.

No Resolutions for 2014

What are resolutions anyway? It is the process of resolving a problem. But what if you don’t have a problem? Just kidding… Actually, I say if your resolutions are to lose weight, quit smoking, get organized, or spend less, you are doomed to fail (shy 8% – which is the statistic of those who actually succeed […]

Laughter is the best medicine.

What was it that said you should laugh every day?  Have you ever gone a day without laughing? A chuckle, a giggle a simple smile? I know that when I am stressed out, even funny jokes don’t get me laughing. Sometimes I hear my husband barrel laughing so loud he’s falling out of his chair […]

The 3 C’s of Life – another poem

Choices – Chances – Changes If you make a choice to take a chance, to change your life for good, Will the chance you chose to take, turn out to be the one you should? And how do you know which chance to choose, if change is so uncertain, Cause the change you chose to […]

To escape criticism – do nothing, say no

Oh those dreaded rejection letters! Your story doesn’t fit us, your story isn’t marketable, you can’t write… I made that last one up, they don’t say that anymore (political correctness and all) but it used to happen. Did you know that Rudyard Kipling was told he didn’t know how to use the English language and […]

Grand-daddy may I ask you… a poem

Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the sky so high? Because the birds, with feathered wings, need places they can fly. Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the sky so blue? Because my boy, it’s one of those things, that yellow would not do. Grand-daddy may I ask you, why is the grass […]

The most motivational words in history: ...

I betcha can’t guess what this is. I betcha can’t beat this. I betcha can’t hold your breath for… I betcha can’t have just one. I betcha can’t do this… I betcha can’t catch me. Life, for me, is an I betcha can’t enticement, pushing me harder and harder to successfully accomplish each goal. In […]

Encouraging Children to Write

Award Winning Author Kathleen J Shields educational books hamilton troll

As a children’s book author, I have found it incredibly important to be active in schools as my audience is there 75% of the year.  Yet that being said, how do you make it worth the teacher’s time? One of the key things I like to do upon reading a book to the students is […]

The busy have no time for tears.

  The busy have no time for tears. Lord Byron When I read that I immediately fell back in time to the day my mom was killed. From the moment after I hung up after the first phone call from the police, until, oh, about 10 months later, I was so busy, I hardly had […]

Life is about the moments not the things...

The other day I was talking with a friend and we got into a deep philosophical conversation about life.  She had been the primary caretaker for her mother (a scene I know all too well) and was describing everything that needed to be done.  This needs to be gotten. I need to pick this up. […]