• I betcha can’t guess what this is.
  • I betcha can’t beat this.
  • I betcha can’t hold your breath for…
  • I betcha can’t have just one.
  • I betcha can’t do this…
  • I betcha can’t catch me.

Life, for me, is an I betcha can’t enticement, pushing me harder and harder to successfully accomplish each goal.

In my life, an I betcha can’t would be; make another great website, design another cool logo, write another neat novel, or hit that ultra high note. Since “I can’t” is not part of my vocabulary, I keep trying.

It goes back to my very first job. I was told to say when asked, if we could do something, if I didn’t know how to, I’d say, I will figure it out, and I always have. It has helped me grow as a worker, designer, creator, writer, singer, wife and worker. I’ve done things I never thought I could. Faced challenges I would have never thought I’d face and came out stronger, smarter and braver for it.

So the next time you are faced with an “I betcha can’t” situation, let it motivate you towards the success in proving that YOU CAN!