The Magic Eye is an excellent metaphor for Jesus’ plan for us. From a quick glance it looks like a collage of random shapes and colors melded together to create chaos.

From the outside looking in, without the instructions, you can not see what the rest of us see.  You must first read the directions if you plan on gaining the perception of His love.

It is by refocusing your viewpoint, studying the image with a new perception and a redefined clarity that you can begin to see the picture He wants us to see. But if you do not keep staring at it, continuously fine-tuning your focus and really looking around, you will not see the complete picture. You must study it, like the bible, reading further and further into it until every last bit of story appears for you to see. It is only then, that you can understand why He has done this for you.
Merry Christmas my friends!

Magic Eye jesus open arms 4x6 - Copy

To see the 3 dimensional image: Use the two black marks above the image to work your eyes into focus. Cross your eyes (diverge the focus) until the two black marks look like three. If you see four boxes, keep working on your focus until they are three. Once you see three boxes, you should be able to view the image below in its 3D state. The longer you look at it the clearer it will become, the more 3d effects will appear and looking around the entire 3D image will become easier.

The effect is the same as if you hold a pencil directly in front of your eyes and look at it; you should see only one pencil. Then look beyond the pencil, or through it at a distant object; the pencil should then appear to double.  If you can do this, you should be able to see a Magic Eye Illusion.