Keep your eyes peeled for Deana, future author of a series of horse rescue stories,
because this young author is letting her imagination Run Wild!

I met Deana at the Utopia Fall Festival three years ago. She loved to read, wanted to write,  and was a joy to talk with. This was the year I got the idea to write Ghost Dogs on the drive out there. I shared my idea, how easy it was to embellish upon a story when you have an imagination, and how much fun it was to write. She was hooked. With excitement about a dream that strong what could I possibly do but give her a “Dream World Defenders” and let her know, the sky’s the limit!

Jump ahead a year, a year in which so much happened to me, it was a miracle I was even at this show again. A young girl runs up to my booth with the largest smile I had ever seen and asks “Do you remember me?”  My heart sinks. How could I have forgotten her? Sure I had lost my grandfather, sure I hadn’t written in months, but I had done something for this girl that made her eagerly await my arrival for an entire year and I couldn’t remember what. I apologized profusely and asked her to help me remember.

I talked with Deana, whom I DID remember with a little help, and listened to her regale me with her story ideas – what an amazingly active imagination! She was ME at that age!  She left with a Ghost Dogs, which she had been excited to read and I made a mental note that next year I had better remember her.

This year was a true blessing! This year I remembered Deana fondly AND she had been writing her own story! In fact she wanted an author’s opinion and asked me to read it. What an honor!

The story was about a girl who discovers a group of abused and malnourished horses and her journey to save them. This girl, Lexy, saw that something needed to be done, acts on it – AND – has just enough money in savings to provide a stable for them! But then the twist! Later in the story, Jayla, the horses owner, comes back into the picture and she wants her horses back. What is Lexy to do? Take a look!

Read the next book to find out what happens to Lexy, Jayla, Erica, Carter, Buddy, and the horses. This is not the end, only the beginning.

And guess what? I turned the page and she had written the continuation! This story had character descriptions, a plot, interesting twist and turns, backstory and a cliff hanger!

While Deana’s just entering into her writing career, I am excited to say, she might be further along than even me when I was her age. I am also fairly certain, that with practice, hard work, dedication and guidance, her continuing education and support from friends and family, we’re going to see her succeed!

I highly encourage Deana to continue writing! Keep embellishing upon your story. Write yourself a well-polished book, and make sure to run the marathon:  get it critiqued, get it edited, have it beta-read by multiple people who aren’t friends, edit again – and if you self publish, make sure that your cover looks as professional as the story you will proudly present.

Throughout this year, this yet another incredibly painful year, I have been blessed with reminders of why I do what I do. Encouraged to keep going, and inspired by others whom I’ve inspired to keep “following the dream”.

… Because, without that dream, what have you got? Just another zombie in a post-apocalyptic world where explosions and car chases are the story and the dialogue is full of vulgarity. If only Hollywood would open a page in a new, unknown author’s story… they might discover that dreams can come true, imagination takes you places and miracles can happen. Oh – and that all you need is Faith, Hope and Love!

God Bless you Deana! I can’t wait to see you next year!