In this post I’m actually going to combine questions 8 and 10 together because they truly go hand in hand.

Q. Do I need links to Amazon for my books on my author web site?

A. I would! I would link to absolutely every bookstore and online shop I can. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell Books, BAM, Goodreads… and if you have ebooks and audiobooks, link to those sites too! You never know where a customer prefers to shop. Yes, the majority of them are going to go to Amazon, but maybe they got a coupon code for Book Depository and your link reminded them. Also, if you can, offer sales on your own website, offer autographs if you have inventory in stock. If they made it to your website give the option to buy on your website. There are no limits to what you can do on your website (and any web developer that says there are – isn’t being straight with you or they just want more money).

Q. Should I put “Buy My Book” on my author website?

A. Yes! As in my answer to #8 don’t limit your options. However, don’t make your website a sales pitch. Make it a button in your menu, and maybe put a bit in your current projects section. If you have an appearance coming up, mention you’ll be signing your book (name and link here) at such and such store. Your author website is about you, not your book. You are so much more than just an author. You are a person with hobbies, goals, dreams, life situations, all things that your readers can relate to. That’s how you build a fan base. Once they read your book it’s over (unless they choose to read it again). But once they are a fan of YOU, they’ll come back to see what you’re working on next.