“The Painting 2” has just been released!

“I am very excited about this book. Moreso because it opens up the door for the third and final book of the trilogy – and this book will ignite the imagination!”

In “The Painting 2”, Gerald’s son visits the Painting – yet because he can’t simply walk into the Painting, the way inside takes a bit more creativity. For those that recognize the symbolism, I think you will find this book awe-inspiring. For those who just enjoy a magical adventure, I think you’ll find this story chock full of wow moments.

From the Author:

“When I write, I write for the non-reader. I write for the person who enjoys a fantasy escape into a positive environment. Who wants to walk away from a read with a smile on their face and a flutter in their heart.  I write for the person who can’t dedicate weeks to a story. I write for the imagination and the person longing for an escape.“

The Painting 2, second book of the inspirational Painting Trilogy by author Kathleen J. Shields

When Benjamin was born into the Painting he realized he had to start from scratch. He had to learn this world like any other person, but he had one thing very different going for him – he was the Painter’s son. His father, whom they called Geode, was the Painter of this universe. Benjamin knew all of the wonderful things his father designed for this world long before he was born into it. He knew of his father’s love and hope for this world, and it was his job to reveal this to everyone. The problem is, what happens when some decide not to listen, or their fear of the unknown grows too strong?

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