Announcing the Newest Book
of this Award-Winning Children’s Series:

Hamilton Troll meets Fiona the Dog


This tenth book of the series debuts that adorable little white dog, the family got for Christmas (as seen in “the Case of the Missing Home”).  Springtime has arrived and while the animals are cleaning up after winter, Fiona is out exploring.  All the animals know is; their stuff is going missing.  Rudy Rat’s hat, Merle’s mat and… Hamilton Troll? Yup, Fiona even carries Hamilton off to her pile of toys and when Hamilton asks her why she’s taking everyone’s stuff, do you know what she says?


Mine, mine, mine!

Learn what Hamilton does to solve the problem before Fiona gets in big trouble. This is an excellent book for children who pick up things they shouldn’t or walk away with items without asking for permission. Plus, Fiona is just the cutest, sweetest, most innocent little puppy dog – who couldn’t help but smile and fall in love with her?

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