Not only do I get to sell my books at a tradeshow every single weekend, but I get to meet some amazingly creative people – many of which are children! Today’s amazing Young Entrepreneur is Racquel and what she does is truly creative.


From a distance, walking by her table at the show this weekend, it looked like yarn, knitted together to make these displays. It wasn’t until I looked a bit closer and then, even touched one, I realized she made these out of rubber bands! I swear – I’ve never even been able to start a rubber band ball and she created this!


She started by teaching herself rubber band bracelets. Once she mastered the simplicity of a bracelet she began getting creative by adding a cross to the design. Eventually, she started making Joseph (wearing green), Mary (in light blue), Baby Jesus (white swaddle in brown manger) and even a little white lamb (with a pink nose). She figured out how to make Mary kneel in prayer and Joseph stand upright.  I think at her age, I had mastered paper dolls – flat paper dolls.


The creativity and amount of work that went into these were mind-boggling.  For a young girl to put forth so much effort, on her own, is inspiring. I pray she will continue to put forth so much effort into everything she does for God – we all will be blessed for it.

If you were inspired by her work, let her know – I will forward your comments to her.