Good morning folks, today we are sitting down with Allison Catsworth the main character in the book Ally Cat, A Tale of Survival and she is talking about her trans-formative story of reincarnation and feline DNA.

Welcome Allison.

Please, call me Ally.

Okay Ally, can you tell us how this all started?

Sure. My boyfriend and I were at a party at Miller’s Bluff. It’s a beautiful place that has a huge open field near a crystal clear lagoon and waterfall.

Sounds beautiful.

It was. So much so that my boyfriend, Jim, decided to take me to a secluded spot at the top of the hill by the waterfall to propose to me.

How romantic!

Oh it was! Until those drunk guys showed up and started causing trouble. That’s when Jim got in a fight and I was accidentally knocked over the cliff.

Oh my!

I’ll never forget that moment when I was falling – everything seemed to slow down. I looked up at Jim who was reaching over the side for me but was too late. The look on his face was full of so much fear. He was terrified, as was I.

What happened next Ally?

I turned in the air and next thing I know I was facing down towards the water, which was coming at me quick – or should I say I was falling towards it quick? I saw the rocks getting larger, I saw my reflection in the water, I saw my hands reaching out in front of me and I saw the fur and claws begin to appear.

This is where you began to turn into a cat?

Yes. I turned completely into a cat! I landed on those sharp rocks with paws and bounced to the water and it saved my life.

Cats always land on their paws…

I’ve never been one to test that theory but I can attest that it is true. When I passed out I transformed back into my human self and since it happened so quick almost no one who witnessed it really beleived what they saw, Jim didn’t even want to believe it! But someone had captured proof and from then on my life was turned completely upside down.

That is remarkable. Guess that’s why they call you Ally Cat. Well that’s all we have time for today. If you want to discover what happens next in Ally’s story please read the book.

Or listen to the narration – The audio book is top notch!

Thanks, Ally. Until next time have a thrilling day!

Ally Cat by author Kathleen J. Shields

Ally Cat by author Kathleen J. Shields