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An Interview with Allison Catsworth – Al

Ally Cat book cover by author Kathleen J. Shields

Good morning folks, today we are sitting down with Allison Catsworth the main character in the book Ally Cat, A Tale of Survival and she is talking about her trans-formative story of reincarnation and feline DNA. Welcome Allison. Please, call me Ally. Okay Ally, can you tell us how this all started? Sure. My boyfriend […]

DEAR Texas Radio Interview Part 4

Interviewed by DEAR TEXAS Radio: Author Kathleen J. Shields discusses Ally Cat a tale of survival! The coming weeks more short clips from rhe radio interview from Wimberley Valley Radio 94.1 FM KWVH and their latest show DEAR Texas Radio will be posted. In this interview clip, Kathleen discusses Ally Cat.   Interviewer: Ally Cat, […]