As the year comes to a close, a tear fills my eye. I think aout this past year and how hard it has been; the loss, the exhaustion, the anticipation… There has been so much going on, so many things to do, and so much of these things having been nothing I’ve ever had to do before.

This year has been about change. A complete rewriting of my story. It takes more for my smile to show, more for my eyes to stay open, more for me to even have the desire to write. Yet, as I look back, I can already see God’s plan at work.

I was blessed to have gotten to know a cousin over the course of my Grandfathers final years – a cousin who is moving to Texas! I had been looking at the loss of my Grandpa as what felt like my last living relative, and my cousin notified me last night that four days before my birthday they will officially become Texans. God opened a door!

The sale of my Grandparents home, the ONLY constant in my entire life, felt like the end of my security. This opened the door to finally getting to build a real home of my own. Another great blessing from God!

In the coming years I am hoping to open the door of my home to many new friends and future family. I get to start looking forward rather than being held back.

There were so many moments like that this year. New friends that I can cherish, new things to look forward to, new opportunities.

I had been thinking of the new year as a time to exhale, to close the door on what had been one of the hardest years of my life. Now I realize that it was God clearing away the debris so new life could sprout.

This year, 2018 is going to be amazing! The first few months will still be hard, but that will be because we are building a house, packing and moving, discovering what our new life is going to become. I should be able to start recording my own audiobooks, I will have my own office to write in, to take video conferences in so I can talk to students in schools across the nation and inspire the next generation of writers, dreamers, educators. The opportunities for the future are endless and it’s all due to a new year, a new perspective, a new me.

God bless everyone in 2018 – I know we all need it!!!