Good morning folks, today we are sitting down with the painter of an entire world! Gerald Oliver Delaney is the main character in the award winning religious fiction novel, “The Painting”.

Gerald, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a little shy. I was picked on quite a bit because I was so quiet. Yet that is how I really saw things that others around me didn’t. It’s what I saw and the feelings I felt deep within my heart that brought my painting to life.

Let’s go back just a step. For those who haven’t read “The Painting” why don’t you explain how it came to life.

Okay. My father gave me a massive blank canvas in which to paint anything that I wanted. Over the course of many days I used my feelings to decide upon the colors, the brush strokes, and the subject matter I chose to paint. As it started to come together the canvas seemed to come to life. Well, I say seem – it actually DID come to life. I felt the wind blowing within this world I was painting. I heard the birds singing and the fish splashing. I smelled the sweet aroma of a million flowers and I felt the warmth of the painting’s sun.

That is outstanding Gerald. Can you tell the audience how you did it?

I wish I could. Some call it magic, others a miracle. I call it enchanting. I was captivated with the idea that I could paint a perfect world. A place where there was peace and love and so that is what I set out to paint. I put everything I had within my heart and soul into this work of art and as I did, each brush stroke I made simply brought that canvas to life.

Moving on, you were informed by many people that you left something out of this perfect world. Would you like to tell the readers what it was? And why?

Hesitantly I’ll admit I didn’t want to paint in any humans. The people around me, the bullying kids, the harsh teachers and the deceptive family members all made me feel so alone and isolated I couldn’t imagine how they would benefit my perfect world. I mean they would stomp on my flowers, kill my animals, trash up my land and cut down my trees. Why would I want that for my world?

But you changed your mind?

I did. I made a friend, someone who showed me one of the most important life lessons I could ever learn. It was a turning point in my life as well the landscape of my painting.

That is great but I’m afraid that is all we have time for today – but you’ll be back?

Either I will be or my son, Benjamin, will be. In book two of the trilogy he is born into this world and what he does to spread the message of love is inspirational to say the least.

Thank you Gerald. To our readers if you want to read an amazingly inspirational book that reflects a symbolic take on the Book of Genesis we highly encourage you to read “The Painting” by author Kathleen J Shields – or listen to the audio book for a heart-touching good time.

The Painting award winning book by author Kathleen J. Shields

The Painting award winning book by author Kathleen J. Shields