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The Night the Fog Rolled in – a short st

With Halloween among us and a recent discovery made, I decided to share this short story with my followers.  I wrote this story for a creative writing class in High School in 1992. My mom helped me edit it and I didn’t change a thing. I hope you all enjoy reading it.  If you enjoy […]

Halloween Inspiration

Happy Halloween Everyone! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write a post this Halloween – you see, this was my father’s favorite day of the year. I grew up with a dad who’d terrorize me with his many masks throughout the year in order to prepare me for the chaos that would ensue on […]

Ice Cream for Aliens

We all know about Blue Bell.  The sad, sad day that left the ice cream shelves barren… We all know the wait that endured as cleaning and testing took place… We all know that production has commenced and it’s only a matter of time… But did we know the REAL reason Blue Bell disappeared from […]