Ice Cream for Aliens

635730807069537357-20150721-blue-bell-missing-800x450We all know about Blue Bell.  The sad, sad day that left the ice cream shelves barren…

We all know the wait that endured as cleaning and testing took place…

We all know that production has commenced and it’s only a matter of time…

But did we know the REAL reason Blue Bell disappeared from our grocery store freezer shelves? It’s not what you think…

55d369c3b3e3a_imageWell… it is – but I wrote an alternative story that I am hoping Blue Bell will pick up – and so far it’s looking good.

They sent my short story to their marketing department.

I don’t know if anything will come of it, or if we’ll see a commercial, or better yet little webisode mini-series regarding it, but it sure would be fun if they did!

I called the story “Ice Cream for Aliens” and if Blue Bell chooses not to do anything with it – I’m still going to publish it as a short story ebook.

I just wanted to share their letter! Take a look!


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