Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I looked out our bedroom windows as I usually do every night. We have an outstanding view of a large valley surrounded by a luscious green hill care of the Texas Hill Country. We live out in the middle of nowhere. There are no city lights inhibiting the night sky, and so I can see the stars in all of their glory.

I love looking out our bedroom window at night and seeing the night sky as it was intended to be seen.  I don’t know all of the constellations but I do know that every night the stars are in a different place.  However, last night, there was a brand new star!

This star was huge! At least ten times the size of the other stars in the sky. Plus, it was very close to the horizon, MUCH closer to the landscape than any other star in the sky.

The second very odd thing about this star was that it was bright. It had rays of light shining off of it like a sun. If I were a Wiseman I would have started traveling that way looking for a manger – THAT was how amazing this star was!

I called to my husband, “Come look at this star.” I pointed it out to him and he was just as baffled as I was.

“Is that a plane?”
“I’ve been watching for about three minutes. It hasn’t moved.”
“It hasn’t gotten any larger?”
“No. It hasn’t turned. It isn’t going up or down….”
“They’re heeeere…” he chuckled referring to aliens. We watched it for a couple minutes before he announced “I’m getting the binoculars.”

So he went into the kitchen and looked out with his binoculars. This is where it gets even more weird!

“Come take a look at this!”

I went into the kitchen and grabbed my binoculars. As I was looking through the lenses, focusing on the star, I saw a pattern. Usually you just see a blob of light, a very small blob of light because a star is like a zillion miles away. What I saw reminded me of some ancient Asian symbol or a labyrinth (like the below). I was certain my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I switched binoculars with my husband. I saw the pattern again, just a bit better since his binoculars are stronger.  We watched the star for a good 10-15 minutes, simply amazed by it. It never moved. We were baffled, and getting tired of standing at the kitchen window. As he headed back to the bedroom, I announced that I wasn’t tired any longer and we needed ice cream. He agreed.

I stayed in the kitchen and filled two bowls. I kept glancing out the window at the star, this beautiful, bright star, shimmering just over the horizon like something biblical. It hadn’t been there any other night. I look out that window every day, every evening, for months, and have never seen it before.

I took one last glance at it before I grabbed the bowls and turned off the light in the kitchen. I walked back into the bedroom, handed hubby his bowl and then made my way around the bed to my side. I glanced back out the window (as I usually do) at the star was gone!

Now, if I were an actress in Hollywood, this is where the camera would zoom into the bowl of ice cream, and record it in slow motion as the bowl falls from my shocked hand and tumbles to the floor in a massive crash that terrifies my husband. Of course, I’m not an actress and ice cream is way too important to waste!

“It’s gone.”
“What is?”
“The star.”

It took him a moment to wrap his head around what I had just said. “It’s gone?”

“It’s gone!”

He gets up out of bed and stands next to me.

“It was right there – right?” I point.
“You saw it too, right?”
“I wasn’t making it up.”
“I know.”
“For 15-20 minutes it was there, right?”
“Yes it was.”
“It never moved, never hovered, never swayed, never turned…”
“And now it’s gone.” We stood there dumbfounded. “There aren’t any clouds covering it.” I noted.
“Maybe it was a helicopter?”
“Hovering perfectly still in the same place for 15 minutes?”
“I don’t know, maybe from a distance you wouldn’t be able to tell it was moving.”
“If it was that far away I don’t think the light would have been that bright.”
“Floating in the sky for 15 minutes perfectly still?
“I don’t know!”
“It has to be a tower.”
“That would have to be some tall tower!”
“A brand new tower? Super tall? With a massive light on top?”
“That just turned on tonight?”
“And then turned off…”
“That’s doesn’t make any sense.”

The awkward silence was reminiscent of any movie right before the alien invasion. He chuckled awkwardly… “Hawaii Five O?”

“Yeah. Let’s watch some TV and eat our ice cream.”

We sat back down on the bed, watched a bit of TV while we enjoyed our ice cream. I kept glancing out the window for more than an hour – it never appeared again. When I woke up at 3am, I looked out, no star. And in case you were wondering? The sun is up, binoculars to my face – and no, I don’t see a tower on the top of that hill.

So you tell me… what do YOU think it was???

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