writers_blockWriters block can definitely be a problem. So can deadlines. How can you write something on a deadline, especially when you don’t know what to write about?

This reminded me of those weekly journal reports we used to do back in high school.  For ten minutes we needed to write in our journals.  It could be about any subject we wanted, we just needed to write. My biggest problem was being put on the spot.  How could I write about something for ten minutes without having an idea of what to write about?

I always started looking around the room at my other classmates and noticing how some of them knew exactly what to write about while most were just staring at their paper, pen in hand, stuck.

One time I asked my teacher how I could write when I didn’t have a topic and she simply said, “write about what you are thinking.” I’m thinking I have nothing to write about. “Then write about that.” I thought she was nuts. But I just recently found that journal entry and this is how it began:

Ten minutes to write and nothing to write about. How can I write for ten minutes with no subject? I need a subject. I can’t just write what’s on my mind, my mind is blank. It’s weird, having a blank mind. I usually don’t. I’m constantly day dreaming, especially when there’s something boring being said but I can’t think of a single day dream now. This is kind of stressful. I know I’m on a deadline. That, at the end, those who want to share can stand up and read their journal entry to the class.  Actually that’s more stressful than not being able to write. Of course I wouldn’t dare read this entry aloud. People would think I’m nuts. I don’t like it when I get those weird looks and laughs. People can be mean. It really sucks how mean they can be.  I’m a good person, why isolate me and make me feel inferior? Why….


One of these days I may share the rest of this journal entry but needless to say it finished up on the subject of bullying and has led to some really good questions in life.  I have written about the subject of bullying and how to stop it.  Hamilton Troll even has an encounter with a mean rat named Rudy (coming soon) but to stick with the topic…

Never worry about what to write about, writers block or deadlines. Just write.