As a writer how many times have you thought this? The worlds I create, that I escape to are so cool! I am not me, boring little me. I am super-human, perfectness that everybody loves. I can do amazing things, I can kick-butt!

I tell the students I talk to about writing:

“Writing is magical! You can BE anyone, DO anything, GO anywhere. The only limitation is your own imagination! So escape into your own world and have an adventure… and when you are done… write it down because you don’t want to forget.”IMAG1221


I can’t even tell you how many short little stories or scenarios I have written over the decades. Silly things, amazing things, wacky things. There are so many potential books sitting in file boxes full of journals, notepads, scratch papers, back of envelopes and margins of school assignments with red pen circling them and a note from the teacher that says,

“Creative, but not during class.”

“When I write, I escape into a world,
and in that world they do know me,
but I am not me.”

That world takes time to create, effort to maintain and nurturing to grow. All of that work turns me into the force behind the pen that writes the rules, creates the colors and expands the stage. Whether I am old or young, girl or boy, animal, plant or mineral, I am the main character of my story and it feels good to escape.

Does that make me crazy?