The other night I woke up in a panic, out of breath, with thoughts of all of the things I needed to do, that were coming up, and I was looking forward to. From Christmas wrapping, shipping and giving, parties, dinners and events, to upcoming readings, tradeshows and work.

Again I realized that all of this planning, preparation, and waiting was taking away from my life’s moments. The day God gave me was being overlooked for the future not promised, and I caught my breath.  I realized again that this looking forward must stop.

Life is not waiting for us to get there. We are already here, living it. It’s not about the party coming up, Christmas eve service or even Christmas day. It’s about this very moment. Every second of today. Who is with you. Who is waiting for you to come back from your planning to be with them.

At this moment I am blogging instead of being here with my husband so I will stop and leave you with this; when you are done reading this, look around and see what God has in store for you today, right now. You don’t even have to plan for it.