I was reading an article out of a trade magazine the other night and it almost made me cringe. It was a good read, helpful information and a unique perspective on the publishing industry that little ol’ me didn’t know – but it also brought about that ‘Good ol’ boys’ mentality my mother used to complain about.

“Even in the digital age, publishing remains a tight-knit industry famous for conducting business over leisurely midday lunches and a senior agent with friends in the right places can still persuade the top editor to clear the decks to read a hot new submission over the weekend.”

This paragraph made me think that I can’t do it. That unless I’m in New York and have friends in the highest places my dream of becoming a best selling author will never happen.

Then I began thinking – well, isn’t that the devil trying to deter you from following your dreams? Other authors made it – they started on their own, they didn’t have an agent or a huge publishing house backing them. Their books said what needed to be said, got the sales, got to the top and then got the exposure and acceptance from that tight-knit industry. So why can’t I?

I think this article was designed to scare newbies away but all it did for me was instill a desire to work harder! That’s the way life is – and it’s how you read into it that defines your success or failures.

Follow Your Dreams!