Like the old phrase which came first the chicken or the egg, this idea came to me earlier today. It made me really think because there are so many ways we can go with this question.

God came first – he made the universe. We wouldn’t exist without him.

The Believer came first – without us to give credit to God, he wouldn’t exist.

This reminds me of the old question if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Just like trees don’t have ears to hear, God may not have existed until there was someone that could believe in Him. Or better yet, God wouldn’t have been a God until he created the universe – so until we were created he was just an entity but not a God.

An atheist would say there is no God, we made him up so we could explain everything around us. So a non-believer would believer the believer came first – yet that is from the perspective that there is no God and I believe. (No that wasn’t confusing at all – right?)

Is God the first and only or are there other entities like him? Maybe none of the others who are like God have created their own universe… so they can’t be considered a God.

So… you tell me, which came first, God or the Believer? I’ll tell you one thing – when I spend too much time on the road with my thoughts – some pretty weird things ooze out of my mind.