Failure-is-NOT-an-option!To fail, in this industry, is to give up and that is something I will not do!  I do it myself because I am who is depending upon this to succeed.  My life is not measured by monetary success but by happiness; so each time I publish a book I am happy.  Each time I sell a book, I am happy.  Each time I receive a great review or a nice article, I am happy.  And if my books take me places I can’t even dream of, then I know that will make me happy as well – but the dream is not the destination.  And the success is not measured against the dream.

In order to succeed, your desire for success
should be greater than your fear of failure.
– Bill Cosby

I pick these inspirational quotes because they help me. (Not only in a starting point for my next blog) but because they speak the truth, because they are words to live by.  Sure, there is a small part of me that worries about the future of Hamilton Troll, will I be able to afford to keep doing this?  But that fear can keep me up at night, giving for restless evenings with no dreams and baggy eyes in the morning.  That’s not good!

So to be able to dream (at night) to be able to keep pushing forward I have to desire success.  I have to live and breath the success of Hamilton Troll into my waking hours.  It will succeed.  It will be cat-in-hatfound.  It will get the credit it deserves. People will read it, they will like it, it will be added to school curriculum, it’s stories will be made into a TV series, Hollywood will call for the movie rights to the ‘Visits’ series (not created yet but coming soon) and the books will be around for generations to come.  Hamilton Troll will become a household name like the Cat in the Hat.

*Note I didn’t say Kathleen J. Shields will become a household name like Dr. Seuss – I don’t need that kind of credit – that would create a big head and I don’t need that either!

I want to see Hamilton Troll bedding, Hamilton Troll night lights, Hamilton Troll plush toys, costumes and Hamilton Troll games. (Of course when I think of games I am thinking board games and I probably should be thinking video games)…

I think small but dream big because…

I don’t need a mansion – but I’d love to see Hamilton Troll in one!

Hi mom!