No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life.
– Samuel Goldwyn

What a great and TRUE message! I have so much enthusiasm towards everything I do; from website design and graphics, to video creation and writing – even marketing I am enthusiastic about because I know that the end result will be a positive one for everyone!

enthusiasm1When I create a website from scratch it is difficult. I have to think outside the box (for the umpteenth time) and take the lead on a project that may have little to go on and not only create something amazing for someone, but bring it around 360 degree full circle.  I create logos, business cards, advertisements all that correspond to the new website design so there is synchronicity among the efforts. I do it all.

When I write a book it is the same way. I take pride in the rhythm of the story, in the message it gives out, in the educational content. I do tons of research to make sure it is accurate information. Then I collect the illustrations and photo manipulate them into individual pages, two-page spreads, designed to incorporate all of the aspects of the page with the text and I do that over and over again until it is right.

enthusiasm_ignites_greatnessWhen I create a Hamilton Troll book I create it 8 times! One for hardback, one for paperback, one for kindle ebook, one for smashwords conversion, one for the flash flipbook on the website, one for PDF marketing, one as a powerpoint for school readings and one low-resolution for emails. Each time I create it I have to fine tune it, print it, view it, go over every minute detail, every page, until I know it is perfect… it is quite time consuming!

Then when the book is done, I create advertisements and flyers for it. Headers for blogs, facebook, PDFs for marketing and distribution, powerpoint presentations for sharing and even book trailer videos.  Then I write press releases, review letters, articles, blogs, tweets, facebook messages. I update the website, create new pages, new activities and games, create coloring pages.  As of today I have 81 pages created in the Coloring and Activity book (that is just my side project).  Then I research other ways to market the books.  It is a never-ending cycle and so… if I didn’t have enthusiasm for my work – I simply wouldn’t do it!

You have to like what you do – even the hard stuff. You have to like it! Otherwise what is there to get you motivated? The dream? Hardly. I’m afraid to dream! Afraid to get my hopes up.  My method of dreaming is that the ultimate goal is exposure for the books. That way, with exposure comes the success. Success is not measured in money (in my mind) it is the thank yous, the followers, the fans, the childrens expression when they recognize me or the books… That is what gets me enthusiastic.  That is what keeps me going. The happy clients, the motivated followers and the excited fans.

Are you enthusiastic?