Have you ever said this?  I know I have, on many, many occasions. When my husband was first trying to get me to start my own website business I couldn’t fathom working for myself. Waiting for someone to just happen by and give me money to create something for them.

I grew up KNOWING that you work for someone else. When you get a job, you are working for someone else. They pay you every week, or every two weeks or every month (however it is done) and you do the job for them.  You may like working for them, you may not, but you know you are going to get a set amount of money each payday to balance a budget by and live off of and that is just how it’s done.


American_Flag6America was not built on the employed, it was built on the small businesses, the entrepreneurs. The people who had an idea and went for it with every fiber of their being.  Every blood, sweat and tear that dropped from their bodies was done so to establish their business. And it wasn’t because they wanted to have the uncertainty of whether the bills would get paid each month, it was because they had the desire to do something bold.

Ever heard of the unemployed? The laid off? They worked for someone else as they were taught to all their lives and now they don’t have that set amount of money coming in each payday to pay their bills.

That’s why opportunity is so important.  There is so much opportunity out there, so many ideas, so much technology at your finger tips, so many possibilities. Why not take those opportunities and run with them?

If you have an invention, make it.  If you have a novel in your head, write it and if you have a talent, use it. Yes, it can be stressful not knowing whether rent is going to get paid each month, but God has always provided for me.

I always pray “Lord, please send me a client needing a job done.” Because it is wrong to pray for money (in my mind). Besides, I want to EARN my money. I want to pay my bills knowing I did a job to the best of my ability, and I want to become a successful author because I wrote a good book.  Yes, it is stressful. No one said life was easy. They did say enjoy it.

It won’t happen if you never take the chance.

Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity.
They seem more afraid of life than death.

– James F. Byrnes

Don’t be afraid to be bold. To step into the unknown.
You will never know what CAN happen until you take that first step!
– Kathleen