Wanting something very badly does not automatically give you talent for it.

guitar_cat  – I want to be a rockstar!
– I want to be an actress!
– I want to be a multi-million dollar business tycoon!

What you want is only the beginning.
It is what you do to get to that goal that will get you there.

If you want to be a rockstar you need to take guitar lessons or go to band practice.

If you want to be a business tycoon you may need to learn about business.

And if you are going to make it big you have to dream big, work big and be big.

But the first thing to know is that the desire is the talent that makes new things possible.  If you desire something, that will make you work for it. You will learn about it, practice it, go for it.  You may not have been born with a talent for singing but I’ll bet you can learn. You may not have started with a talent to write but if you have a story in you, I’ll bet you will find the way to write it.

The point is; the I want, will not lead to I will become, unless I work for it and try.

So what do you want?