James & John wanted to sit at the right and left side of Jesus, I don’t think that went over well because, and I am assuming, they were hoping for higher positions in heaven than just angels. But for whatever reason, my limited Christian education always gave way for an image of my loved ones getting to hang out with Jesus for a while when they got to Heaven. I even imagined my dog Smurphy getting to take a short nap in Jesus’ lap until he felt brave enough to explore heaven on his own. I’ve just always felt everyone who gets to heaven gets to meet and spend a bit of time with Jesus.

That being said, and because I am related to a very smart mathematician, I tend to enjoy working on math problems in my head, usually while I am driving or feeding the turtles. Anyways, I started thinking about the number of people we have on the planet, about 7 billion and of those, 1.8 people die every second. While that number can go up or down, the average works out to about two people, one on either side of Jesus, every second of every day for all eternity. Makes you happy to think that time is different in heaven, or pray that it is, because my dog Smurphy would have needed a lot longer to find his bravery to go explore on his own.