April marks the month where schools, libraries, publishers, poets, and booksellers celebrate the importance of poetry in our lives.
So I didn’t want to let the month go by without posting at least one poem.

Did you know there are 55 types of poetry forms?

There’s a ballad, a couplet, an epitaph, free verse, haiku, iambic pentameter, limerick, lyric, rhyme, sonnet, verse, and oh so many more! Each one has it’s own way of doing things – just like we as humans do…

We are each unique! We are individuals. We may have been made by one Creator, begun with a single stroke upon a blank canvas, but that’s only the beginning. It’s the paints we add, the colors we chose, the brush strokes we decide to take – our life’s decisions – that create the painting that is our existence. We paint a world within each of us that is uniquely our own. And it was this thought – this inspiration – that made me write “The Painting” a now award-winning book…

The following is my very short poem for National Poetry Month.

Inspired by the Greatest “Painter” ever…

The world is but a canvas – painted with detail…
of love and life and living – A masterpiece unveiled.

Each stroke of God’s great paintbrush; a blade of grass, a rose –
where each drop of paint goes, only our God knows.

We may not understand His brilliance. We may not speculate…
but our lives were designed by the painter –

………And He made us to be Great!

Be Great - A Poem Inspired by "The Painting"

Be Great – A Poem Inspired by “The Painting”

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