Someone will get that title, but most likely no one from my social groups.

Anyways, I saw this beautiful painting the other day and just had to share it with everyone.



I know, at a quick glance it’s okay… there’s nothing special about it. Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. A Texas jack-rabbit in the tall grass. A dragon fly. A rather blah spring scene – but I loved it! And do you know why? Because of where I saw it.

Location! Location! Location!

They say it matters and some don’t believe, but imagine my surprise when I walked into the gas station bathroom and saw this scene surrounding me.

I was smiling.

It was a very pleasant surprise and it cheered me up.


Sometimes it’s the little things.

How many gas station bathrooms have you been in and wished it was as pretty as this one? How many times have you been anywhere in your life and hoped for a sign of something better to come? Maybe you just need to stop to see the bunnies!