Life is about having fun, expressing yourself and living…

so when we get the opportunity to ice skate on stage or swim out of water… why not take it?

For those who follow me but don’t really know, I am a little bit crazy (just a little) and when two of my friends and I get together, chaos ensues! And because we live in the digital age, and I am not afraid to share it here you go.

The Fischer Store School Community Center an organization we belong to that has fun events every month holds their follies every other year. People from all over the Texas Hill Country come to show off their talent. Some sing, some dance, some play instruments or read poetry… we, we are the comic relief.

The first video was taken two years ago at our last Fischer Follies.  The second video was shot Saturday night. The question on everyone’s mind now is: what are we going to do in two more years???


Fischer Follies 2012 – Synchronized Swim Routine

Fischer Follies 2014 – Olympic Figure Skating


Fischer Follies 2016 – The sky is the limit!