• Do you eat like a bird (to watch your figure?)

  • Do you do things without being told?

  • Did you kick the kids out of the nest when they were ready?

  • Do you head south to avoid the winter?

  • Have you taught yourself things you wanted to learn?

Then maybe you are a birdbrain.

Why is that phrase a negative thing?  Why does it mean you are unintelligent? Bird brain’s might be small but there is enough in them to know how to survive, eat, live, find a mate, raise children, vacation every year, travel… (can you do that?) They can talk, do sign language, count, solve puzzles, recognize shapes, are self-aware, capable of using tools, they can imitate, learn through a rewards system, and are empathic enough to know when you are sad.

That is why I especially liked this Dennis the Menace cartoon. Children can see things us adults can’t. They have a perspective we have forgotten and can bring clarity through the simplest thoughts.

I want to be more like a child… and a bird brain!

I want to travel! 🙂