rainbow july4th

Life is hard.

When it is easy, it seems that it is only the lull before the storm. Something will happen. Something will test you. Something will make you want to cry. Whatever it is, those tears need to be shed. Whether in silence at night when everyone is asleep or bawling and screaming in the car, you are human. You are emotional. Let it out.

Pray to God to hear your cries. Ask Him what you need to do. Then listen for his response.

He will respond.

It may not be the response you want to hear. Maybe it will be. But either way, listen for his response. We can not do it alone. We must ask for help. We must seek guidance.

We must let the rain happen.

We must wash these times out of our souls so we can have that rainbow. So we can shine. So we can be presented as new.

A life of happiness and bliss would be nice, but no rain means drought, death. We won’t grow. We will sit stagnant and go nowhere if we aren’t pushed to embrace something beyond our walls.

Life’s pain makes us stronger.

It tests our limitations and forces us to become more. When it rains, it may seem like it will be raining forever, like it is never going to stop, but it will. And when it does, the sun will come out. It will warm us, and dry us, and brighten our life. Then we can look up at the beauty of our rainbow and smile, knowing we are better for it.