The other day I came across this picture and I just had to share it – yet I decided to add in my own two cents as well… and since poetry seems to flow through me like air…


Be Shore of Yourself

When standing on the edge between water and sand,

Go ahead and jump, you know where you’ll land.


Come Out of Your Shell

Don’t ever be shy, God made you, YOU.

So step out of your home, and do what you do!


Take Time to Coast

Give it some time, life is quite long.

You’ll get it done, ‘cause God’s never wrong.


Avoid Pier Pressure

And when you aren’t alone and others cause doubt,

God knows you are worth it. You’re great, flat out!


Sea Life’s Beauty

‘Cause life may have trials, but there are beauties for sure,

It’s worth every obstacle, even through a detour.


Don’t Get Tide Down

Keep your options open. Keep a look out for doors.

God has his plans, and he knows what’s in store.


Make Waves!

Be yourself and stand out. Don’t follow the crowd.

It’s what HE wants. It’ll make him proud.

Have a great day!!! –