Troll Patrol

Hamilton Troll & Friends start the first Troll Patrol group to raise awareness of bullying.

What is the Troll Patrol?

Hamilton Troll realizes in our next book “Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat” (available July 4th) that there are some children out there that are ‘mean’ to others….

You see Rudy Rat wasn’t a very nice rat to the other children.  He didn’t know how to make friends so he took their toys and laughed at them not realizing it was hurting their feelings.

When Rosa Raccoon and the kids told Hamilton about Rudy, Hamilton decided to have a talk with him, but when Rudy ran away scared, Hamilton realized what the problem was.

Hamilton Troll explained to the children that Rudy just needed a friend. He needed to be accepted and allowed to play with them. They decided they needed to put their PAWS together for Friendship and this is what they came up with:

PAWS for Friendship

Hamilton Troll's PAWS for Friendship

Hamilton Troll’s PAWS for Friendship

Pause what you are doing.
Look around. If you see someone who looks sad, scared or is sitting by themselves…

Approach them.
Walk up to them. Say hello. Ask the questions. Tell them about yourself.

Welcome them to join you.
Invite them to your table or group of friends. Introduce them and help them feel welcome.

Keep smiling, it makes you look friendly and helps them feel happy.


 FRIENDSHIP – Become a Friend.

Be nice to others. Invite them to play with you. Care about their feelings.

Take the PLEDGE:

I promise to think about my words and actions, feel what others feel and be a friend whenever I can.

Why don’t you start your own Troll Patrol???

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