I am so excited to announce that the third book of the Painting trilogy is now available! The Painting 3 by Kathleen J. Shields

The Painting 3 Trilogy by Kathleen J. Shields

I finished writing The Painting 3, October of last year, but then it had to be critiqued. I had multiple beta-readers scour through the story, we made this change and that change, and then I sent it to the editors. After over four months of work, (after the story was written) the book is now published!

It has been quite the long process, writing this trilogy. I have done so much work, just in research. There have been multiple life lessons incorporated into the stories, so much retrospection, multiple ah-ha moments, and some really inspiring wow factors.

What I’m saying is – THIS story inspired ME!

I am really looking forward to everyone’s response regarding this book because so much of the story is near and dear to my heart. The fact that this is about Gerald’s granddaughter, Nevaeh, and the conversations this little girl has with her grandfather are reminiscent of times I spent with my own grandpa. The tornado was straight out of life events.

However, my favorite thing about this story is the exploration. Getting to explore the whole of space one star at a time. The explanation of how the colorful nebula’s came into existence. The journey to the depths of the oceans, the tops of the mountains and getting to touch the clouds. Just beautiful!

I loved how each book melded together, took on a common scenario and worked it out from three different perspectives. I loved the way the story ended, bringing the three entities together for one combined experience. I loved the fact that I take on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in such an abstract way that anyone can understand the dynamic!

I really think this is the best book of the three and I encourage everyone to read it (even if you didn’t read the first two books). The paperback and e-books are now available everywhere books are sold online.

The Painting 3 – The Trilogy is now complete!

The Painting 3 is now available! Happy Birthday to me! Buy the third book of this inspirational trilogy today at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or anywhere books are sold online including Kathleen’s Books. Get the e-books here also!

The Painting 3 - Third book of this inspirational trilogy available now!
The Painting 3 by Kathleen J. Shields