I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.  -Robert Frost


I saw this phrase the other day and immediately said,

how true!

I get an idea for a poem, or a message I’d like for it to portray, but it writes itself through the rhyming words I choose.

Many times, I will write a stanza, and look for a rhyming word for the next stanza, can’t find one, go to the thesaurus, find a similar word to end the first stanza with, then go look for a rhyme for it for the second stanza and repeat those steps, sometimes rewriting the entire first stanza until it works out.

I go through that for each stanza of the paragraph until I get to the end of the thought and usually, the last few words that end the poem, end up being the title of the poem because those are the most important words of the message I am trying to portray.

Poetry is like playing a word game that when it is done, tells a story. Unlike crossword puzzles that fill in the spots, word searches that find all the words and scrabble that uses the pieces provided, a poem has an unlimited number of pieces, a word bank a million miles long, and a blank slate that you can do anything with!

I love writing poems. I love the fun bouncy rhythm.

I love how it all works out in the end and I love sharing those poems with anyone who will read them.

Poems are fun!

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