Preston Mitchum, Jr
Preston Mitchum, Jr

When I first met Preston Mitchum, Jr. he was standing in the foyer of my grandfather’s home awaiting payment for lawn care services. My grandfather introduced us, we said generic hello’s, and that was about it. A year or so later I went back to Maryland to help my grandfather and saw Preston out in the yard working a few more times. We waved hi and had a few short conversations. Fast forward another year or so and I had to inform Preston that my grandfather had passed away.

It was during that time of grief, packing, planning, and all of that end of life stuff you have to do, that Preston became a true friend. We talked about Grandpa, and even my Grandma. My history with my mom and the journey I took to find God. He talked about the loss of his father, his spiritual journey with God, and all the things that two people who really shared a soul connection with, would say in a conversation at the dining room table. It was truly a blessing getting to know Preston. It’s a shame it took us so long to connect.

Fast forward another year or so as I had been following him on Facebook. Every Friday he posted an inspirational message entitled “Positive Thoughts, Positive Vibes”. I thoroughly enjoyed reading those posts and after a while, it occurred to me that other people would feel the same way. I encouraged him to write a book. He laughed at me.

Fast forward another 6 months or so, and I was really certain that this is what he needed to do. I created a book cover for him. I figured if he saw his name on the front cover of a book, that might light a fire under him to take this suggestion seriously. He laughed again, but not as much of a belly laugh as before. He was starting to like this idea and to take it into consideration. It wasn’t too much longer after that, that a word document appeared on my email.

Positive Vibes 1

Positive Vibes came out in 2019, and when it did, Preston’s message exploded. With his very uplifting personality, his connections with the news industry, and the fact that he runs The PMJ Foundation to help community children get school supplies and such, this was the perfect addition to put his message into overdrive.

Positive Vibes 2

Fast forward another couple of years, and another word document shows up, Positive Vibes 2. I gladly helped him format it, create a book cover, and publish it. Positive Vibes 2, Making Strides was released in 2021. It was some time after that, that I suggested he do some themed Positive Vibes books. Something like a Positive Vibes for kids, Positive Vibes for sports, or Positive Vibes dogs and cats. He laughed at me. Again. When will this guy just learn to listen to me? Haha.

Positive Vibes 3

Fast forward another two years and a word document for Positive Vibes 3 arrives on my email. While proofing, editing, and formatting this latest book, Positive Vibes Dogs kept screaming for my attention. If Preston wasn’t going to write this book, because he isn’t as close to dogs as I am, then it only felt right that I get to do this one! After finishing my task on his book, and sending it back to him to add more to it, I began writing my version of Positive Vibes for Dog Lovers.

PAWsitive Vibes – Dogs

With a little extra inspiration from Preston, and a horde of stories regarding my own fur babies, PAWsitive Vibes – Dogs came to life in the blink of an eye. This book is funny, entertaining, inspirational, uplifting, motivating, quirky, and of course, positive. The messages inside detail how to start the day bright and cheerful. Appreciate life, and breakfast. Find your path but don’t pull on the leash. Waste not want not, which is about dogs eating their own vomit, which is actually about recycling… and so much more!

An inspirational collection of stories combining funny dog antics with motivational messages.

Dogs are quirky, playful, clumsy balls of joy wrapped in fur with wiggly little butts. They can sense our emotions, have become our social companions and their unconditional love can teach us so much about our own lives.

Our dogs can teach us obedience, loyalty, support and trust. Their enthusiasm for life, encourages laughter, good cheer and a plethora of heart-warming and hilarious moments. This book hopes to present many of these inspirational messages in a positive, light-hearted way.

Look Inside the Kindle:

PAWsitive Vibes - Dogs by author Kathleen J. Shields

“Pawsitive Vibes Dogs is Positively Uplifting!”

I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you haven’t yet, check out Preston’s three books, Positive Vibes! He has been a joy to know. I am proud to call him a friend, and even more happy that my advice has helped him do so many positive things in his community.

In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at some of the fun and entertaining videos I created to go with this PAWsome adventure. Some are videos of my kiddos, some are just funny extras, one is of Kirby… those who know… know. I will be adding to these. I hope they are enjoyed and shared!