Imagination is the mental ability to create new ideas or concepts. It is the mind’s way of creating things and situations that aren’t there.

Imagination is Key” is my mantra.

It is why I write what I write and why I encourage all children to use their imagination.

My motto is “The Only Limitation is Your Own Imagination

It is what I tell any child who aspires to greatness.

You can do anything – so long as you put your mind to it.

Children have amazing creativity. Their imagination can take them to all new heights and it must be encouraged. In this day and age of education being in the forefront of every parent and teacher’s agenda, topped with so many extracurricular and after school activities, a child’s lifestyle can become quite busy and chaotic.  It is my opinion, that children are not being encouraged to day dream and use their imagination as much as they should.

For me, imagination took me away from a boring bus ride to school and made me into a super hero soaring down the road and helping the world out as I flew. Imagination took me away from my bedroom where I could hear my parents arguing in the other room and took me to a magical fantasy world where beautiful rainbows filled the sky and the sun was always shining.

Imagination took my foster son to alien worlds where he could explore the stars in the universe. It helped him imagine what a dung beetles life might be like or how setting an ant pile on fire may affect the families that lived in that home.

Imagination can be encouraged while reading a book, after a short TV show or movie and especially after an hour’s play on video games. Encouraging children to story tell or write out their ideas, extends education in a more enjoyable environment – discussing subjects they enjoy. When a child finishes reading a chapter, or watches a cliff hanger, by simply asking them what they think might happen next advances their minds ability to imagine alternatives – to think outside of the box.

Children have been taught to only give correct answers and are too afraid to say a wrong answer. This, in my opinion, lowers their confidence. By giving them wildly crazy alternatives, things that will make them laugh but flip on that light of creativity, you open the door to a child’s imagination which opens the door to the universe!

This is why my children’s stories focus on imagination. Doing anything they want in the Dream World, learning about new cultures while riding on rainbows, solving mysteries through discussion. For my even younger readers, a troll will ask the questions and take the adventures they haven’t thought to do. The point is – it was my imagination that wrote the stories and their imagination that will write and do for the next generation.

Encourage a child’s imagination!

It’s one of the most important things you can do!

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