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How to market your author website

While I am not an expert on marketing, I do know enough to get by. I know that a website that doesn’t change grows stagnant. I know that Google is going to drop you down if you don’t add new content every once in a while. And I know that a website takes work, a […]

Ice Cream for Aliens

We all know about Blue Bell.  The sad, sad day that left the ice cream shelves barren… We all know the wait that endured as cleaning and testing took place… We all know that production has commenced and it’s only a matter of time… But did we know the REAL reason Blue Bell disappeared from […]

Where are the book sales?

I just received a newsletter entitled “Why won’t my book sell?” and to be honest, after reading it, I felt they were doing the author wrong…   They start out with: You wrote a good book, you are pleased with its looks, you’ve done some social marketing but the sales you’ve gotten are mostly from […]