Between you and me… I just had to ask.

The other day I get out of my car in a parking lot of an establishment I frequent quite often. I stepped down onto the ground and heard that crunch of a processed food product that fell out of someone’s hand or bag previously before my arrival. I looked down at it, making note of the color and texture and recognized it. There were about a dozen pieces on the ground. I went about my day assuming a critter or bird would eat these. We live in the country. We have deer, raccoons, skunks, cougars, vultures, hawks, etc. Something will eat it.

Three Days Later…IMG_6473

I step out of my car in the same parking spot of that same establishment only to see the remnants of the same processed food product that had been there before. Another piece had been crunched under someone’s shoe but the rest of them still sat there. Untouched. Not a single critter wanted to eat it.

Explain this to me…

Why would we eat something that a hungry, wild animal won’t eat?

I just had to ask.