Thank You ~ Y’all!

Whew, what a whirlwind the past few days have been!
While there was a lot of prep work leading up to the big release day, that was nothing compared to the actual release day!

“The First Unibear” made it into the Top 200 Books!

#131 in Children’s Christian Animal Fiction!

#195 in Christian Poetry!!

#208 in Children’s Inspirational!!!

Unibear was in the Top 200 of ALL Books in that genre!

On release day I spent just about the entire day on myself! That’s also a HUGE step for me because I almost never spend time for myself! Work always comes before play. I consider my writing “career” free time / play time. So when I say I spent the day on promotion of “The First Unibear” you have to realize how serious I am in seeing this book become a success.

This was for my father.

  • Those who follow me know the story… how my father kept encouraging me to do something with “Unibear” for 30 years.
  • Those who know, know I lost my father 3 years ago and how hard that hit me.
  • Those who know, know the release date was intended to make a Sad Day into a Glad Day by giving me a happy memory to wash over the sadness of losing my father that day 3 years ago.
  • Those who know – Know how much I cherish your support and friendship!

But for those who don’t know – THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of MY HEART! You did it!

I didn’t need to become a Top 10 Best Selling Author. I didn’t need to be a Top 100 Best Selling Author – although we came super close!
My goal was to get the story out there. To get the book into the hands of readers, and that is exactly what WE did!

Day One I had TWO 5 Star reviews.
On Day Two there are SIX 5 Star Reviews!

I’ve spent a huge amount of time submitting to reviews, awards, contests, newsletters… I’ve got some great shows lined up for the rest of the year and starting early next year I’ll be getting busy with schools and libraries. I have plans to see this book go places. I would appreciate prayers for the Contests I entered, but I’d also like to ask yet another favor if you wouldn’t mind… 🙂

Can you Nominate my book for the Triple Crown Award????

It’s fairly easy to do. Just click the link and fill in the form. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.
I am asking anyone who has read the story to do this… but only if you feel it is a worthy story, which I hope you do!

>> Triple Crown Awards Link <<

This is the information they ask for – you can do a copy and paste:

Book Title:           The First Unibear

Author:                Kathleen J. Shields

Illustrator:            Aashay Utkarsh

Publisher:            Erin Go Bragh Publishing

ISBN:                   978-1-956581-00-3

Copyright:           9/28/2021

# of Pages:          46

Book Type:         Fiction

Book is nominated for:  Children’s Gallery Award 1st-3rd grade


A tiny bear follows a butterfly into the woods where he sees a horse that needs help. After helping the horse, he discovers it is actually a unicorn! The unicorn tells the bear that now he will be able to see other unicorns. Bear tells his friends and one bunny becomes his best friend. One day the two see a baby squirrel in danger and they both jump in to help. After they saved the squirrel, bunny sees a unicorn horn on bear’s head. The race to find the unicorn and find out why. He explains how the magic can spread when good souls help others. This story is written in rhyme and encourages the reader to do good deeds and help others in need. There is also scripture from the KJV that mentions unicorns.

Thank you for your encouragement and time! I truly appreciate it. I write because I am led to by a higher power. I publish so I can share my stories with the world. I keep going because I have no other choice but to keep breathing and I keep trying because if I don’t, no one will do it for me. Your continued patronage is the icing on the cake for me – and REALLY like icing!

If you haven’t yet… Buy the Book

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The First Unibear children's book by author Kathleen J. Shields
The First Unibear children’s book by author Kathleen J. Shields