• A $20 bill found in a coat from last winter.
  • A toll paid by the car in front of you.
  • A bird turd on your shoulder.

The unexpected could be exciting, nice or upsetting, but what it is always, is unexpected.

What if you chose to do the unexpected instead of the expected.

  • Instead of taking the last of the coffee in the pot, make a new pot before you go.
  • Instead of grumbling when the person in front of you in line starts counting out pennies, give them a dollar.
  • Instead of laughing when something bad happens to someone, go and help them instead.

I choose for my unexpected moments to be good, but that brings about a question.  If you expect good things from me, wouldn’t the unexpected be that my good deeds are in fact bad?

I could say instead:

When someone says “expect the unexpected”
smack them and say “you didn’t expect that did you?”

Nah, don’t do that, but do try to do the unexpected.